Living with the Strangers.

Go ahead and Ask Away!   Have a story of your own?   The things that I have seen go on in my house really put the oomph in the College Experience.

The Driveway.

Oh, the joy of parking in a small driveway with four other drivers.

Now, our driveway only fits four cars. So one of us always has to park behind another one’s car.

To me, this wouldn’t seem like a problem. But Alas, it is.


So here is the dilemma.

Car number one is in an awesome spot, I can park behind her and she is pretty straight.

Car number two is parked a little too far over our wood barriers, but it makes more room for me to park behind.

Now Car number three always parks crooked. Always. This makes it difficult to park next too, because unless you are as thin as paper, there ain’t no way you can get out of your door!

….Don’t even get me started on Car number four. She will park like this because she has to leave early…at 8am. So NO ONE can park behind her. She texted everyone saying she leaves at 7am…which is a lie, so that no one would park behind here. I guess that wasn’t good enough!

And then there is car number 5, which is me. Wondering where to park and trying to figure out my schedule as to when I have to leave and when my roomies have to leave.

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I hope things get better for you! My first year of college I moved in and shared a room with a stranger. He was insanely pampered growing up and didn’t even know how to cook instant noodles. His mom came over on the weekend to clean his sheets and take him home smh.

Now that is a little on the crazy side! How did he even survive if he couldn’t even cook instant noodles, a food that almost every college student depends on!?

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On Second Thought…

Hearing your roommates have sex is worse.


Innocently cooking in the kitchen when they loudly start going at it in the main floor bedroom.

Then you have to awkwardly cook the rest of your food, loudly, and awkwardly walk past the bedroom.

Too many times have I been the victim of this.image

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The worst part…

I’d have to say the worst part of living with strangers is having different ideas of clean.

My idea of clean is this:


It’s clean, no dirt on the floor. No hair tumbleweeds rolling around. No molding food. It’s so clean that it could be considered sterile. And it smells like it is clean, like bleach!

My roommates idea of clean:


Atleast you can see the floor…right? And we’ve got tons of items, so in case we ever need a large blue bunny, we are covered….Literally.

It was the hardest thing to get used to. Everyone has their own idea of what the house should look like and guess who gets to clean it?

This girl.

Because I can’t stand to see my house in shambles, I clean it all up.

I used to hate cleaning when I was a kid. My mother made my sister and I clean every Saturday before we could go out and play. And clean by her standards was wiping down the blinds, sweeping and mopping every floor, flipping the seat cushions on the couch and vacuuming them as well. So as you can tell, I am used to such cleaning.

I just want to say that I am SO thankful that my Mother raised me that way, even though I complained about it back then, I can’t thank her enough!

Here is the lesson to be learned:

Know what your roommates cleaning style is before you move in, if possible.

(It would have saved me a lot of grief!)

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I’m a bird!!!

Currently, my roomie is in her room listening to bird calls and crickets chirping…

I have no idea why.

All I know is that it’s loud and has some weird background music to it as well.

I guess it could be worse….it could be loud death metal music. Although I’d take actual music over crickets chirping any day!


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Oh Really?

So my roomie texted me the other day asking me to sort out her mail for her.

Now, she pays rent and lives here maybe one day a month.

Her reasoning behind it?

She just wants to be able to grab her mail and go and not waste time looking for her stuff.

Oh Really?

So you just thought that I was going to be your bitch and do it so that you don’t have to waste your time in the house you are paying for?!



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A little Knowledge.

Where do I begin?

I am a Sophomore now at a Community College in a city. I moved away from home for this college and needed a place to live. Naturally, I used Craigslist to find some roomies.

I now live across the way from a big University in a house in the city with four strangers.

And let me tell you, the things that go on have blown my mind.

I started this site as a great way to remember what went on and to showcase the hilarious on-goings on the house. 

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